• Ball Room Game Hall

    Ball Room Game Hall

    In the mid 16th century an oblong building the size of a playing field was built on the edge of the little river Brusnice (the riverbed forms the bottom of the Stag Moat). The building, know as the Ball Game Hall, was to provide the court with a place to play an early form of tennis. The Hall has...

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  • The Stone Bell House

    The Stone Bell House

    The House at the Stone Bell with its notable gothic frontage is situated in the centre of Prague, right in the Old Town Square. According to the latest research, its beginnings come from the second half of the 13th century. A sumptuous house with the extraordinary existence of two chapels, a...

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  • The Industrial Palace

    The Industrial Palace

    The Industrial Palace is the art-nouveau building built in 1891 according to the design of Bedrich Munzberger, which is the dominant of the whole Exhibition Grounds. The Palace is the largest building on the grounds. It is 238 meters long and its central tower reaches the height of 51 meters....

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  • Kaunic Palace

    Kaunic Palace

    The Kaunic Palace a baroque building designed by the famous baroque architect G.B. Alliprandi, dates back to around 1720. The interior, designed by M. Hummel, was reconstructed in 1782 to appear as it does today. A. Lhota, R.J. Muller and A. Weidlich decorated The Music Hall with paintings during...

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  • National House at Vinohrady

    National House at Vinohrady

    The Neo-renaissance building on Namesti Miru is work of the architect A. Turek. The National House was opened in 1894 and it became the seat of many associations and corporations. The first reconstruction lasted till 1959. These days, the building is after a big interior reconstruction and...

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  • National Museum

    National Museum

    National Museum, a scientific institution intended systematically to establish, prepare and publicly exhibit natural scientific and historical collections, was founded through the efforts of many distinguished figures in Bohemia beginning as early as the end of the 18th century. These endeavours...

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  • New Town Hall

    New Town Hall

    New Town Hall with its conspicuous tower stands at the northern end of the Charles Square. First recorded reference to it dates from the second half of the 14th century when it already had two two-storied wings housing municipality offices as well as a prison. After several reconstructions it...

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  • Riding Hall Prague Castle

    Riding Hall Prague Castle

    The Riding Hall, the largest Baroque building at Prague Castle, was erected in the north part of the Castle grounds in the late 17th century. On its facade, facing the street U Prasneho mostu, are stucco relief’s, which reveal the original purpose of the building. The Emperor Leopold I had the...

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  • Rudolfinum


    Besides National Theater this is the most outstanding Neo-Renaissance building in Prague which has got its own specific flavor. Its architects managed to integrate concert and exhibition halls into one harmonious whole of a distinctly cosmopolitan nature. The main hall, called the Dvorak Hall, is...

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