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    French Restaurant

    Francouzska restaurant is situated on the right north wing of the front side of the Municipal House, which was built to create an elegant architecture icon of Czech culture. The project was designed by architects Antonin Balšánek and Osvald Polivka. The Municipal House was opened to the public on...

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    Céleste restaurant

    Céleste restaurant with its luxury contemporary decor, is situated on the top two floors of the building which boast unique and breathtaking views of Prague castle and Prague's Little Quarter. In addition, there is a summer terrace where you can admire a 360° view of Prague and surrounding areas.

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    U Maliru

    Upon entering the restaurant, visitors will be enchanted by the historical atmosphere and magic of old times. The restaurant was established in 1543 and, amongst its “barflies”, was Emperor Rudolph II who came to dine there on recommendation from his royal staff, who were sent to find the most ho...

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    Sarah Bernhardt restaurant

    The Sarah Bernhardt restaurant of the Hotel Paris is a truly exquisite architectural gem that bears the name of the singer and actress Sarah Bernhardt. The pursintérieurs Art Nouveau hotel's restaurant - grooved blue mosaics, original lighting, wooden partition and gilded stucco, make the restaur...

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    The MAGIC of a unique moment; your unique experience. It is you who gives meaning to what we do. What would a breathtaking view of the majestic Prague castle be without the spark that only people in love can see in each other’s eye? From where would our chef Petr Bureš or our visiting Michelin ch...

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    Kampa Park

    Kampa Park is Prague's premiere fine dining establishment. A favorite of local and international celebrities, this upscale restaurant delivers sumptuous gourmet cuisine that includes world-class fish and meat delicacies paired with over 150 types of wines. Diners can choose between stylish dining...

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