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  • Medium cesky krumlov

    Cesky Krumlov Tour

    A medieval town in the meds of the beautiful South Bohemian countryside, called Pearl of Bohemia, which preserved the atmosphere of the Middle ages. The historical town centre has been on the UNESCO list of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage since 1992. C.K. is beautiful little tow, with lab...

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  • Medium karlovy vary

    Karlovy Vary Tour

    The largest and the best-known Czech spa. The founding of the towns has been linked with the name of Charles IV. Since 1358 when he had hunting lodge built there. There are 12 springs, the most famous of which is the Vridlo.

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  • Medium ceske bud a hluboka 001

    České Budejovice And Hluboka Chateau Tour

    Ceske Budejovice is the centre of South Bohemia, a very attractive tourist region characterized by numerous fishponds, rich in artistic and historical monuments. The town, founded in 1265, is famous for Budweiser beer, which is produced by the Budvar Brewery, established in 1894. In 1832, the fir...

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  • Medium karlstejn a krivoklat 001

    Karlstejn Castle And Krivoklat Castle Tour

    Karlstejn castle - the most significant medieval castle, built in 1348-1355 under the rule of Charles IV for the purpose of safekeeping the crown jewels and state documents. In the 16th century, it was reconstructed in the renaissance style and altered in pseudo-Gothic style in the late 19th cent...

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